In our fast-paced, app-driven society, devices have become instrumental in most aspects of everyday life. One way of tapping into this trend is to use apps that enhance wellbeing and encourage a more mindful life.  Having resources literally at your fingertips is a great way of making mental health and wellbeing resources more accessible. These apps range from meditation to diet, all accessible right from the comfort of your device. Look out for apps from registered practitioners or accredited services to ensure you are accessing high quality content. 


Apps are a great way of accessing meditation guidance. They often offer a variety of sessions, from beginner-friendly to more advanced, giving you a convenient way to reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing. 


From step trackers to entire fitness programs, fitness apps offer motivation and guidance for everything from walking to kung-fu. Many offer limited function or a trial free-of-charge, making them a good place for beginners to start their fitness journey. 


We all want to know how much sleep we are missing out on, don’t we? Sleep apps offer everything from a basic timing function to more in-depth sleeping analysis, and even recording functionality so you can hear exactly what woke you at 4am!


From counting calories to recording nutritional data, these apps can really help you fine-tune your diet, identifying nutritional gaps and eating patterns. Some even offer a scanning function, meaning you can record your data in seconds. 


Most of us are on social media and when used sensitively it can be valuable for keeping up to date with friends and family. Social media platforms are also good places for joining groups with people who enjoy similar activities. Consider setting yourself a daily limit to avoid setting negative habits that take you away from your intentions. 


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