We all know that as a work-from-home mum, achieving a work-life balance is a true challenge, made trickier when you add family and friends into the mix. You’re working from home, right, so of course you have time for an impromptu coffee and a chat! Here’s how to negotiate boundaries and manage expectations as a work-from-home mum.

Create boundaries

Set clear expectations. Make sure that your family and friends know when you will be working and when you are free. It can be helpful to tell them days or times when you are available, to avoid them dropping in with no notice. However, if you don’t have time to see them during the working week, be clear. This is your life and your business, and the boundaries are yours to set. 

Be honest about your needs

It’s ok to say you need time to work, or to do admin, or even have some alone time. It’s ok to spend a day alone, watching Netflix while the kids are at school. Don’t be afraid to black out days to schedule in time for yourself, and then outline your availability based on all factors. 

Use technology to your advantage

Set up automatic email and message replies, use a calendar to schedule your day, and use video conferencing to stay in touch. These tools can help you stay organised, create the boundaries, while stopping the stress of feeling you need to always be available.

Negotiating and communicating boundaries with family and friends as a work-from-home mum is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance between your work and personal life. Make sure you think of yourself, your business and your home-life first and foremost. Set clear expectations, use technology to your advantage, and being kind to yourself; this way you can create a fulfilling and balanced work-from-home experience.


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