The trend of remote work has been growing steadily in recent years, and with the pandemic, it has become the new normal for many women, especially mothers. However, creating a productive home working space can be a challenging task, especially when you have to juggle the responsibilities of both work and family. Here are some tips to help you create a productive home working space:

  1. Choose a dedicated workspace: Creating a designated workspace is essential to being productive while working from home. This can be a spare room, a corner in your living room, or a desk in your bedroom. Whatever the space, make sure it’s free of distractions and has all the necessary equipment and supplies.
  2. Get comfortable seating: When working from home, it’s easy to fall into the trap of working from the couch or bed. However, sitting in an ergonomic chair is vital for good posture, which, in turn, increases productivity.
  3. Keep it organized: A cluttered workspace can be distracting and affect your ability to focus. Ensure your workspace is clean, organized and has sufficient storage for all your supplies.
  4. Let in natural light: Natural light is essential for good mental health and can significantly impact productivity. If possible, set up your workspace near a window or invest in a daylight lamp.
  5. Establish boundaries: Working from home can blur the lines between work and personal life. It’s crucial to establish clear boundaries and communicate them with your family members. Setting specific work hours and communicating them will help you stay focused and prevent distractions.
  6. Take breaks: Taking short breaks is essential for maintaining focus and reducing stress. Take short walks, stretch, or meditate to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Creating a productive home working space can be challenging, but implementing these tips will help you create a space that promotes productivity and supports your well-being. Remember, finding the right balance between work and personal life is crucial to being successful and happy.


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