Mountain HR, Training & Coaching

Mountain HR, Training & Coaching

Want a workplace that buzzes with energy, engagement, and productivity? I help businesses like yours achieve just that.

My services bring together everything you need to create happy & engaged teams leading to greater productivity, innovation and less tricky people issues & turnover.

With my expertise, you can gain swift results, avoid costly mistakes, and have the peace of mind that you’re fully compliant. My advice and services champion inclusive and positive cultures where employee wellbeing and commercial success go hand-in-hand.

My coaching & training empowers organisations and individuals to build inclusion, fairness, and psychological safety. The best work comes from people who feel valued and respected for who they are, and I’ll help you create a work environment that fosters just that.

Positive HR Solutions –
• Breathe new life into your HR policies – keep them simple, easy to understand and implement.
• Engagement initiatives that promote loyalty, boost morale and increase productivity.
• Dynamic onboarding and training programmes that set people up for success
• Create inclusive workspaces – protect your employees and your business
• My unique Manager Development Programme – uses a mix of coaching & training.
• Workplace counselling – support people with challenges in their work or colleague relationships.
• Employee relations – support with complex people issues
• Bespoke training for individual challenges and goals.
• Power 90 – focused 90-minute HR session to help you achieve a breakthrough on an HR Project

As a coach –
• Executive coaching
• Professional Development Coaching for managers
• Pregnancy & Maternity Programmes
• Return to work coaching
• Outplacement support following redundancy
• Employee coaching – Stress management, Performance Improvement and Goal setting
• HR for HR coaching
• CV, Application and interview skills training

“Lisa is quite exceptional in adding the ‘human’ to the ‘human resources’ making sure that there isn’t a distinction between business need and people issues by showing that motivated and respected people make for better business” – S, Charity CEO

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