The Everyday Project Manager

The Everyday Project Manager

We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge of project management through engaging, useful training courses, coaching, workshops, and more.

We are; Jeremy (project management expert and trainer), and Louise (marketing, operations and finance). We believe that project management is a life skill that can be used in so many wonderful ways and should not be confined to the boardroom and some dusty old textbooks, so we make our training practical and enjoyable, because no one wants to yawn their way through a load of theory all day!

We provide in-house training for groups of up to 12 people in your office, we host courses for individuals at Clockwise in Bromley, and we give one-to-one coaching and mentoring via Teams. We also facilitate workshops, offer project management consultancy and PMO servicing.

Outside of the office we are married to each other, have two kids and two cats, a ridiculously busy social life (because FOMO is real!) and we eat way too much cheese. Come and say hi at

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