If you haven’t heard the term ‘Impostor Syndrome’, we can bet that you’ve felt its malevolent presence. It’s that annoying little voice in your ear telling you that the project you are working on is too much for you; that you’ll never complete it; that even if you do, it’ll be sub-par and people will find out that you actually have no idea what you’re doing. We’re sure it isn’t just us, so here are a few tips on how to silence that pesky chirping for good.

Perfection is not the key

Firstly, you need to grasp that perfection is not the key to success, neither is it the aim. In fact, does it even exist? By aiming for something unattainable, you are setting yourself up for definite failure, and that’s going to make you feel bad. This includes comparing yourself to others in the same sphere. How do you know that they aren’t comparing their business to yours and wishing they were as talented as you? 

Stop listening

Ok, it’s a little more difficult than that but really, the only way to silence the voice is by ignoring it. If the voice is telling you you can’t do it, go and do it anyway. If the voice tells you that you should pack it all in and look for another job, carry on building your business. When *you* finally become sure of what you can achieve/strive to achieve, the inner critic will have nothing left to criticise. 

Talk to others

We know that you know that we know that networking is the answer to everything, and this is no exception. We would bet our last penny that the majority of other business mums you speak to will have a similar voice driving them to distraction. Ask them how they work around the pesky intruder, and you might just find some new tips. Equally, feel free to share these with others – we strive for a world with no impostor syndrome – let’s stay strong, stick together and conquer it once and for all. 


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