WordPress has evolved from its roots as a blogging platform to a complete system that hosts and manages your entire website. Thanks to plug-ins and apps, you can add a variety of useful features, including booking functionality and e-commerce. Although a WordPress site built within a theme is relatively easy to update, you will need some technical know-how. If your site is built without a theme framework, you will need some coding knowledge. 

How do I get into my site?

When you built your site, you will have been given an admin URL and login details. If your site was built by a third-party and they didn’t provide you with this information, ask them to put the details in an email so you can easily refer to them. From there, you just need to click on the URL and use your username and password to login. 

What can I edit?

You can edit anything you want! We always recommend creating a back-up of your site first to avoid losing any valuable features, and some areas will be tricky if you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to edit. A basic edit, such as posting a blog post, or changing the colour of your hyperlinks, should be relatively straightforward. 

Posts and pages

The two types of content on a WordPress site are posts and pages. Pages are for static content, ie. content that does not regularly change. This includes your Privacy Policy, Homepage, and Contact page. Posts are dynamic content, in that they will change and update. This includes events and blog posts. 

Edit and create content

To edit existing content, you need to head to posts/pages, select the post or page and click ‘edit’. Have a look at the content and click on anything you want to edit. Themes are intuitive and user-friendly and will clearly show your options for each block. You can click the + icon to opt to add a content block and choose from additional customisation options from the menu on the edge of the screen. Similarly, if you want to add a new page, choose Pages from the dashboard menu, and click Add New to create a shiny new page.

Voila! If you get stuck, don’t feel confident, or want to build a complex site, talk to the experts at Vaccoda


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