Counselling | Psychotherapy

Counselling | Psychotherapy

“I just want to be happy.”

How often have you found yourself uttering these words? It’s a simple yet powerful statement that captures the desire for genuine happiness. Sometimes, depression and anxiety can unexpectedly enter our lives, manifesting in various ways. Some feel immobilised by it and others experience a constant sense of unease throughout their daily routines. Regardless of where you find yourself on this spectrum, therapy can offer you a pathway towards healing and reclaiming that much-deserved happiness. Life is full of challenges, and seeking help isn’t always easy, that’s why I create a safe and inclusive space where you can feel heard and understood, my approach is grounded in warmth, compassion, and non-judgment. I firmly believe that every individual possesses the capacity to heal and grow, and my goal is to empower clients to tap into their inner strength and build resilience.

As an integrative counsellor, I weave together various therapeutic approaches to cater to your unique needs; incorporating psychodynamic and creative therapies to delve into your unconscious mind. Additionally, I utilise somatic techniques such as breathe work and EFT tapping to assist in nervous system regulation. With a passion for exploring my client’s adverse childhood experiences, our sessions will help you uncover the impacts these had on you and understand the way you view the world today.

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