1230 The Women's Company (1230 TWC)

1230 The Women's Company (1230 TWC) 1230 The Women's Company (1230 TWC)

Launched in August 2002, 1230 The Women’s Company (1230 TWC) is the leading business women’s network providing on and off-line trading and business growth opportunities across the UK and overseas at local level. This dynamic networking business helps businesswomen make the connections and find the support that you need in your business lives; to meet locally in the Business High Street, share experiences and work together to grow your business through regular vibrant, buzzy networking meetings.

If you want to develop a dynamic networking presence to add to the marketing mix of your business? 1230 TWC business meetings provide both the environment and solutions to develop a networking strategy that will take your business to greater heights; to avoid overwhelming and time-wasting activities that leave you behind your competitors.

If you need more business, more contacts, support, a warm welcome, advice, expertise and to connect with other focused, savvy business women – you’re definitely in the right place with 1230 TWC!

1230 TWC also provides training and learning through workshops and guest speakers, an annual conference and charity-supporting events. Add weekly Radio Shows and Podcasts – why wait, check it out now…. and then book, or phone Jackie 020 8650 815 https://1230.co.uk/

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